Sheldon and Margery Harnick


Photos: Maryann Lopinto



Pulitzer Prize winning Lyricist Sheldon Harnick and wife, photographer Margery Harnick have just released their 2nd book,  Koi: A Modern Folktale.  Their book captures the true beauty of this wonderful sea creature with stunning photographs by Margery and an enchanting Haiku, by Sheldon.

The Harnick‘s were so taken by the alluring sight of  the Koi fish, they decided they wanted to do further research which soon led to this extraordinary book. In their delightful narrative, the Koi are rewarded for being so pleasing to the human race that the gods transform these already gorgeous creatures into majestic dragons.


Margery Harnick

Sheldon Harnick

Lin-Manuel Miranda, in a quote about  their book said,  “You’ll never see Koi fish the same way again.”  This quote holds to be true since the aesthetic appeal of Koi fish is so enjoyed by people all over the world and now we see them in a different light. The elegance and tranquility the Koi fish exudes, in combination with their Asian origin, makes this folktale in the  form of Haiku verses with breathtaking  photographs  to always be a staple for any lover of art and folklore.

A legend about Koi fish, penned  by a legend himself, nonagenarian, Sheldon will always be a  keepsake treasure and an excellent  conversation piece.   James Marcus, editor of Harper’s Magazine, conducted the conversation, followed by questions from the audience. The event was held a Book Culture 450 Columbus Ave NYC August 8.

Jim Brochu, Steve Schlachlin, Sheldon & Margery Harnick


Maryann Lopinto, Margery & Sheldon Harnick