The National Theatre Network, the first of its kind digital platform for major regional theatres that allows audiences to watch, support and connect with these iconic and beloved institutions. The National Theatre Network is created by and for regional theatres, in collaboration with Broadway On Demand, the industry leading theatre streaming platform. The National Theatre Network debuts on Saturday, May 15, 2021 with the Woolly Mammoth Theatre and American Conservatory Theater presentation of the original film adaptation of The Bushwick Starr’s Production of Animal Wisdomby Heather Christian.Filmed at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington D.C., the film is directed by Amber McGinnis with stage direction by Emilyn Kowaleski and features a cast that includes Sasha BrownEric FarberB.E. Farrow, and Maya Sharpe.

The National Theatre Network provides an entire online platform and app for organizations to stream their professional-grade digital programming and creates a single source for theatre fans around the world who want to discover the rich content American regional theatre companies are producing.

On the cutting edge of how theatre artists and fans are using technology, the National Theatre Network brings live and recorded performances, classes, galas, award ceremonies and more to an expanded global audience. Offering a fully integrated digital content platform for each regional theatre company, the app is being launched to serve the appetite of the theatre fan base and the mission and vision of these regional theatre partners. This new avenue of digital programming breaks down barriers to entry that have long been problematic, growing audiences exponentially and creating an opportunity to deliver the content fans love, live, on whatever screen is handy and with technology that raises the bar.