She is the history of New York. As an assistant to the Mayor, she invented the Street Fair, starting with the 9th Avenue Food Festival and all major events in the city. She was integral to the arrival of The Tall Ships in New York Harbor for the Bicentennial. She met countless Kings, Presidents, and Emperors, movie stars, and power brokers, representing The City — among them Golda Meir, Bing Crosby, the Emperor of Japan, and Queen Elizabeth. She is so New York, she married the Chief of Police for Midtown Manhattan! But she started as a singer, working in clubs all over The United States and Europe. And now, for the first time in New York, she is finally returning to the career she never wanted to leave: the nightclub stage! Experience the unique combination of the Great American Songbook and a Great American Life in her stunning and inspiring new show: ARLENE WOLFF: MORE THAN YOU KNOW…

Stage 72/Triad – November 21st, 9 p.m. Tickets: 212-362-2590 or order via the internet at www.triadnyc.com


Musical Direction by Ian Herman

Created for Arlene Wolff and Directed by Scott Siegel