Not only is David Friedman one of the top composers of our time, he also happens to be the composer of the hit new musical Desperate Measures (with book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg) currently smashing box office records at New World Stages!  And now, he wears another hat – author of his new book How They Met. Here’s some insight.


It Could Happen to You

You never know when it might happen: love might be right around the corner, down the block, or across the aisle from you on your next flight. Stories of how people met are endlessly fascinating and they remind us that we all need to be ready for anything, including meeting the love of your life when you least expect it. After a devastating break up, Broadway composer and beloved songwriter, David Friedman, embarked on a decade-long journey, collecting couple’s stories of “how they met” as a therapeutic project. What Friedman learned was utterly surprising―there was always an element of serendipity…planning had nothing to do with it. Along the way, what started out as a path to moving forward became a mission to better understand matters of the heart.

In this study of how people found true love, Friedman talks to people from every walk of life, from devout churchgoers to same sex couples to celebrities. Among others, How They Met shares the right-time-right-place story of how Lucie Arnaz met her famous husband, Laurence Luckinbill, and the unexpected tale of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford’s friendship blossoming into romance. Sometimes funny, oftentimes moving and always surprising, How They Met will have you believing that love will find YOU.



“Life-changing lessons of love.” – Louise Harmon, author of Happiness A to Z

“Reading this book and listening to the companion CD will fill your heart with the endless possibilities of love that are always available to us all.”―Kathie Lee Gifford