Sadly, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found by a friend on the bathroom floor in his New York City Village apartment on Bethune Street, apparently dead from a drug overdose.

He had recently undergone detox treatment for substance abuse including heroin.

“It was all that [drugs and alcohol], yeah, it was anything I could get my hands on … I liked it all,” Hoffman told CBS’ “60 Minutes” in a 2006 interview. “I went [to rehab], I got sober when I was 22 years old. You get panicked … and I got panicked for my life. It really was just that.”

He won an Oscar in 2005 for his role in “Capote.” He most recently appeared on Broadway (2012) in “Death of A Salesman” receiving a Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play.

Broadway and the film industry will sorely miss this great actor and his contributions.