Sunday, November 8 saw the opening night of Allegiance—the story of a Japanese-American family’s experience of wrongful imprisonment during World War II—on Broadway at the Longacre Theater. The musical is based on the real life experience of its star, George Takei (most famously known as Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek TV series), who was taken, along with his family, from his home as part of the US Government’s internment of Japanese Americans, who’d been deemed a threat to national security, during World War II following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


Boldface names of Broadway, Hollywood and the media at large (from Howard Stern to Kate McKinnon to Lin Manuel Miranda to Rita Moreno) were on hand to walk the red carpet and for celebration afterward at the Bryant Park Grille. Theater Pizzazz’s JK Clarke was on hand to photograph the festivities and the opening night curtain call.



Allegiance is directed by Safford Arima, choreographed by Andrew Palermo, co=written by Mark Acito, Lorenzo Thione and Jay Kuo (who also wrote the music and lyrics). It stars George Takei, Lea Salonga, Telly Leung, Katie Rose Clarke, Michael K. Lee, Christòpheren Nomura and Greg Watanabe and is slated for an open run at the Longacre Theatre (220 W. 48th Street). For more information go to



Photos by JK Clarke