by June Baird


The All For One Festival has a hit on its hands. Another Medea written & directed by Aaron Mark and performed exquisitely by Tom Hewitt is one of the most gripping, fascinating stories and performances I’ve ever witnessed.


One man, one table, one chair. Recounting the tale of well-known, yet fictitious, actor, Marcus Sharp, as he falls in love, has a family and slowly falls into the descent of jealousy, grief and loneliness. This tale is not ‘another’ Medea. It is one of the most gloriously told stories – up there with Spaulding Gray and Eric Bogosian – only this tale is one of murder.


The script, expertly penned by Aaron Mark, is detailed, funny and horrifying. A perfect mixture of crime drama, horror and humanity. And Tom Hewitt – this amazing actor portraying numerous characters with a simple twist of his head or hand gesture is one of the most transformational actors I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Hewitt’s face literally morphs under the simple, yet effective lighting by Brant Thomas Murray. He becomes barely recognizable as a virile young man, or a flamboyant queen, or an aged killer after admitting his crimes, and even seems to grow a five-o-clock shadow during this 80-minute play that flies by.


This show played its last performance at the All For One Festival last night, but I have no doubt it will return again.  To all you producers and artistic directors out there – get this play back to the stage immediately!