Location for STUDIO A

Bernie Furshpan, creator of the successful MetropolitanZoom, is happy to announce that he has secured his first studio location in the New York area dubbing it STUDIO A.  Conveniently located in Long Island City, STUDIO A is a block away from a major subway hub to Manhattan and Brooklyn.  

During the pandemic, Bernie Furshpan showed his pioneering spirit creating and developing a robust and professional platform for performing artists, musicians, singers, and comedians, to reconnect with their audiences. He’s given webinars on producing shows at home, using good quality gear, software, and technology but realized, over time, that performing artists just want to get in front of the mic and not have to deal with the daunting project of building a pop-up nightclub kit, as he calls it.  

With STUDIO A on the horizon, artists can show up with their soundtracks or accompanist(s) and MetropolitanZoom will handle the rest.  The fees are nominal.   The mission and vision Bernie has are to help get performers back where they belong . . . with their audiences, to sell tickets and literally see their audiences once again.  In fact, on the platform available in STUDIO A, performers can look into the eyes of their audiences on the big screens in front of them.  The studio features a keyboard, electric drum kit, and cables to bassist and other instruments, sound mixers, 4K cameras, beautiful backdrops, stage lighting, a dressing area, and an A/V technician.  The final product is produced in a remote location in a control room.

Artists can book their 75-minute productions on MetropolitanZoom.com/performer