Expert in Color and Numerology


You probably know her as the darling of Cabaret; that familiar smiling redhead that is always at everyone’s show, cheering them on, or as the incredible songwriter she is, or as the award winning producer of “It’s Just a Number.”  But many of you may not know that Bobbie Horowitz is an expert when it comes to Color and Numerology! Yes, Colors and Numbers . . .

Now is the time to take advantage of this special offer to learn and benefit from the knowledge she will impart.

Limited to only 20 participants, you can join two workshops for $50.00 (in the past these were in-person sessions and participants paid $150 – You Save $100!) You can’t miss this offer! 

WORKSHOP First Session:  “How to Use Color Psychology”   7/14- Noon-1PM

Are you aware that each “color family” affects most humans’ brains the same way?  Are you aware that each Color Family has a VIBRATION and that’s why each affects most humans’ brains the same way!

  • You’ll learn what reaction the vibration of each color family elicits from people. This gives you power. You’ll learn which colors will serve you best in different situations.  You’ll need this only once in your life!

There are 9 Color Families (plus a Black and White). You’ll learn to choose your clothes for a particular situation from the color family that causes people to react to you in a way that gets you the result you want to get – e.g. investments in your show, getting cast in a specific role, a second date, etc.

WORKSHOP Second Session:  “Color & Your Numerology”   7/16 – Noon-1PM

“When I first heard about this I thought Yeah, right!”-  I’ve learned why it works. Numbers have Vibrations too! You’ll learn how to get the daily comfort and rewards as I get from choosing to wear colors that: correspond with my  “numerology” for each specific day!  When YOU wear colors that correspond with yours + add certain items with colors because of their vibrations for special situations – like asking for donations – WOW!

When I learned how this works I knew I had to share this knowledge!”

To enroll, please send $50 payment via Venmo “@Bobbie-Horowitz” or Zelle “”. For other payment methods, please contact Bobbie. You’ll receive the link to the Zoom Seminar shortly after you enroll.