Bernadette Peters


by Sandi Durell

The fur was flying at Broadway Barks virtually shown on the YouTube channel on July 16, 2020, raising much needed funds, especially now during Covid-19, for the many shelters who take care of our four-legged friends until some nice folks, like you, come along to adopt and provide that home these animals crave. I can say, personally, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement!


Host and co-founder of Broadway Barks, Bernadette Peters, who along with Mary Tyler Moore put this wonderful organization together 22 years ago, has evolved into a nationwide group of partners who rescue, shelter and adopt out the many animals they save and also providing foster homes.

The many celebrities participating in this event were unending as they talked about animal rescue and showed off their own delightful rescue dogs and cats. The event opened with a video of the cast of Hello,Dolly at the 2018 Broadway Barks in Shubert Alley performing “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” featuring Gavin Creel and Charlie Stemp.

Here are many photos captured during the 2- 1/2 hour event that proved to be heart-warming and filled with love.

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