The Broadway League shared a snapshot of the industry’s grosses, saying that 85% of seats across all operating Broadway theaters were filled last week.

While the League initially said it would not report weekly grosses, it released an aggregate report for the 26 Broadway shows running in the week ended Oct. 24, 2021. In that week, the productions collectively grossed $22.16 million across a total of 174 performances.

The lack of detail on individual show grosses, as well as the staggered start to this season make exact comparisons to prior seasons difficult. In the week ended Oct. 27, 2019, a relatively similar time period, the 34 running shows grossed a total of $33.9 million. Theaters that week were running at 88.6% capacity across 267 performances.

Comparing the two weeks reveals that, on average, grosses per performance have remained largely the same, with even a slight .08% increase this season over 2019.

But as prior grosses reports have shown, hits such as “Hamilton” and “Wicked,” which typically have high attendance and sky-high box office reports, tend to make up a large portion of the total, skewing the overall picture. (READ MORE HERE) –

(credit: article by Caitlin Huston – Broadway News)