Broadway Project Celebrates Great White Way

The Broadway Project at Symphony Space, in its second annual celebration of the Great White Way, explores the dynamic collaborative spirit that makes Broadway so exciting From choreographers drawing from diverse movement vocabularies to composers crafting scores that reflect the modern sound, the real magic happens when the artists work together;  a week-long look behind the curtain to Broadway. The event runs March 27 thru April 2 and is produced and curated by Joel Fram and Annette Jolles.

PERFECT HARMONY - Broadway's greatest duets, trios and ensembles features Nickki Renee Daniels, Jessica Fontana, Santino Fontana, Jeff Kready, Rebecca Luker, Michael McCorry Rose, Kyle Scatliffe and Elizabeth Stanley and Sally Wilfert. Musical Director is Grant Wanus with Mary Ann McSweeney at the bass.


Some of Broadway's best music sung by wonderful voices include: Fugue For Tinhorns, When The Children Are Asleep, There's Always A Woman, Been A Long Day, Lily's Eyes, Just in Love, A Model of Decorum And Tranquility, It's Never That Easy, Ten Minutes Ago,Sing For Your Supper, I To the World, You Can Drive a Person Crazy Leavin's Not The Only Way To Go, It Takes Two, Tonight - Quintet from West Side Story,What You Don't Know About A Women, Sadder But Wiser Gitl - My White Knight, A Million Miles, You're Gonna Love Tomorrow, Wheels Of A Dream, Some Other Time. All aspects of Duets were demonstrated.

  • Kyle Scatliffe, Sally Wilfert, Santino Fontana, Jessica Fontana, Elizabeth Stanley, Rebecca Luker, Mathew Scott
  • Elizabeth Stanley, Rebecca Luker, Matthew Scott, Nikki Renee Daniels, Jeff Kready
  • Kyle Scatliffe, & Nikki Renee Daniels
  • Michael McCorry Rose & Elizabeth Stanley
  • Elizabeth Stanley
  • Rebecca Luker & Jeff Kready
  • Michael Corry Rose , Nikki Renee Daniels, Jessica Fontana, Matthew Scott and Jeff Kready
  • Kyle Scatliffe
  • Sally Wilfert
  • Santino Fontana,
  • Rebecca Luker and Santino Fontana
  • Elizabeth Stanley
  • Rebecca Luker
  • Jessica Fontana
  • Michael McCorry Rose, Kyle Scatliffe, Jeff Kready, and Matthew Scott
  • Elizabeth Stanley, Rebecca Luker and Sally Wilfert
  • Jeff Kready
  • Jessica Fontana and Santino Fontana
  • Kyle Scatliffe
  • Nikki Renee Daniels and Rebecca Luker
  • Nikki Renee Daniels
  • Michael McCorry Rose
  • Michael McCorry Rose, Sally Wilfert, Santino Fontana and Kyle Scatliffe
  • Michael McCorry Rose, Kyle Scatliffe and Matthew Scott

Photos: Maryann Lopinto