The cabaret community is very saddened by the news that Dana Lorge passed away yesterday. She was battling lung cancer.  Dana was an upbeat, special lady with a big personality and a heart to match, referred to as ‘darling and ditzy,’ and seen regularly at the Metropolitan Room hosting her famous variety show. She was the queen of bling and glitz!

Dana had a long term career in film where she appeared in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005),Prince of the City (1981) and Moscow on the Hudson (1984).

Dana won two ‘Best Variety Show’ MAC Awards co-hosting with the ever popular Richard Skipper at the Iguana. She then moved that show to the Metropolitan Room where she continued her comic antics, raspy voiced singing and co-hosting along with Warren Schein and Barry Levitt on piano. Some of cabaret’s finest performed in her on-going monthly show for which she won another MAC Award in 2015.

Dana was beloved by all and will truly be missed.  Rest in peace dear lady and, yes, you’ll always be 27!


Any further information regarding a memorial service will be forthcoming.