Erv Raible could easily be called ‘the father of the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs’ – he was a co-founder and was President of that organization for 11 years. He was the founder of Cabaret & Concert Artists International, and a major force within the Cabaret community for many years.  Raible was an impresario!

In his 68 years, he owned four legendary cabaret nightclubs/piano bars: The Duplex, Brandy’s, Don’t Tell Mama, Eighty-Eights (where he was also the booking manager). He knew talent, he knew the intricacies of running a cabaret and he loved people and they loved him back.  He was smart, feisty and cared. He was responsible for the careers of many within the cabaret community.

Erv Raible passed away on Wednesday, February 19th at Lenox Hill Hospital from a long illness. Funeral arrangements and a memorial will be forthcoming.