Mark Nadler

Mark Nadler



by: Sandi Durell




Congratulations Christopher Gines on creating the newest intimate boîte of cabaret spaces in New York City – Cafe Noctambulo (night owl) at Pangea, a restaurant space at 178 2nd Ave. (bet. 11/12 Sts) in the heart of the East Village. Your vision has taken hold, as some of the best in the biz are on the roster.

I had the opportunity to see one of my personal favorites, Mark Nadler, just for the fun of it – that’s the name of his latest show – this super entertainer, known to many as “Mr. Show Business,” giving his all as a triple threat in this small, posh, back room. Yes, the impeccably dressed Mr. Nadler sings, does a soft shoe and shows his excellent acting chops to a cheering audience of fans, friends and some of cabaret’s best – in the audience Stacy Sullivan, Baby Jane Dexter, Marta Sanders, as Debbi Whiting (the great Margaret Whiting’s daughter) and songwriter Larry Kerchner smiled and cheered along.

From a winsome “Autumn in New York” to the humor of John Wallowitch’ “Bruce” and a pensive “Mr. Bojangles,” this is one of those unplanned evenings where Mr. Nadler thinks it up as he goes along, so every show is different. He’ll be plying his talents again on Oct. 24 & 25 at 8 and 10 p.m. Who knows what to expect?

Meanwhile, every Tuesday evening from 8 – midnight, the piano and vocal talent of Eric Comstock can be heard and on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 11 pm the cool, jazzy Hilary Kole is aboard. There’s a nice dinner menu and the food is top notch. Tattoos not required for admission!!!

There’s a Saturday Jazz Brunch from noon featuring Sue Maskaleris. Be sure to check the website for more or call for reservations and information: 212 995-0900.