A virtual performance of Capricorn 29, a micro movie musical by Alex Hare and Julia Izumi and directed by Hare. Presented as part of Post Theatrical by The Tank in association with Sami Pyne, Capricorn 29 will premiere on May 20, 2021 and run through May 30, 2021.

On the eve of her 29th birthday, a Very Online millennial stumbles upon a curious conspiracy theory: the powers-that-be have initiated a new capitalist plot to eliminate unsuccessful 30-year-olds. What sounds at first like the byproduct of someone watching too many dystopian films from the 1970s quickly proves harder to dismiss. And as the countdown to 30 begins, surviving and saving a generation may be the opportunity one young-ish adult needs to finally fulfill her rapidly fading potential. Unfolding in the form of a hallucinatory YouTube wormhole, Capricorn 29 is a micro movie musical that wrestles with the tyranny of age-based milestones.

The cast of Capricorn 29 includes Kalyne ColemanBrendan George and Lindsey Steinert, and features Adrianna Aguilar, Amanda Centeno, Octavia Chavez-Richmond, Yonatan Gebeyehu, Michael Alan Johnson, Jenny Nguyen Nelson, Elyse Steingold, and Adam Weppler.

Capricorn 29 features original songs by Laura Galindo (Ars Nova), Daniel and Patrick Lazour (We Live in Cairo), STOMPCAT (ANT Fest) and Storm Thomas (Musical Theatre Factory MAKER).

The creative team for Capricorn 29 includes Megumi Katayama (Sound Designer), Robin Buyer (Audio Mixer), April M. Hickman (Costume Consultant), Chun Fung Kevin Chiu (Cinematographer), Aiden Berglund (Animator) and Lexy Ho-Tai (Card Designer).www.thetanknyc.org