By Sandi Durell



Thank you Vanna White, whose autobiography inspired the creation of Celebrity Autobiography! So says (and I second) its creator Eugene Pack, who is also one of the performers in this oh-so-clever production that is now seen nationwide and worldwide.


Just open up one of many celebrity biographies, start reading from them and you’ll be amazed at the pedestrian corn that flows from the mouths of many.


The night I attended the Triad Theater (July 18) was another inspirational evening of laughter (not meant to be so, if you asked the celebs who wrote their books with serious intent).


With a top notch cast of performers reading yummy passages – Ralph Macchio, Tony Winner Karen Ziemba, Emmy & Golden Globe Nominee Tony Danza, Dayle Reyfel & Eugene Pack (developers of CA), Alan Zweibel, Lucy Devito – from some of the most inane autobiographies, including “Don’t Hassle the Hoff” by David Hasselhoff; “All Things Kardashian” by Kris Jenner; “Just Getting Started” by Justin Bieber – well, you’ll be splitting your sides from laughter in disbelief at some of the actual written words. (One big OY here!)


And there are the Trumps – Ivanka, Ivana and Donald – each speaking their own words of wisdom in their triple offerings – the bottom line “we play to win!” Lest we forget, there’s Ricky (or is it Kiki) Martin’s “Me” and Neil Sedaka’s “Laughter in the Rain” (never knew he was such a foodie) and Suzanne Somers book of poetry “Touch Me” and Quiet Loneliness of Being Alone.


So many books, so many clichés, such banalities . . . more examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger “The Education of a Body Builder” and Sylvester Stallone had so much to say on the topic “I like to do steering wheel pushups when I drive…” and it went on and on as this A-cast brought life to each of the celebrities – from a rough and tough Macchio to the drama, varied voices and sexy –silly innuendos Ziemba brought to Ivanka and Somers.


But the piece de resistance was Reyfel and Danza – she reading from Marilu Henner’s biography and he from David Cassidy (who wasn’t at all sexually attracted to Susan Dey). However, she (Marilu), on the other hand, tells all about her love affair with Mr. Danza (in hallways, airplanes, you name it – they were wild) while Danza just takes it on the chin. Priceless!


I could go on and on, but I don’t want to be a complete spoiler so I’ll just stop here and say if you want to forget your troubles and just get happy, be sure to make an early reservation for the next Celebrity Autobiography (with an ever-changing cast) scheduled for Monday August 29 at 8:00 pm. Until then . . . Shalom! (that may have a lot more meaning when you are in the audience)


Scheduled to Appear August 29 – Jackie Hoffman, Richard Kind, Maulik Pancholy, Peter Scolari, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel and more TBA


158 West 72 Street, NYC   212 362-2590