By: Sandi Durell


The iconic couple, John Pizzarelli and wife Jessica Molaskey, are creative thinkers when it comes to show themes. The latest at the Café Carlyle, “Children and Art,” blend their music and careers with parenthood, dealing with relationships, love and life’s ups and downs.


They met in the production of “Dream” and as their story unfolds so does the pairing of the music that elucidates their 15 years together.


The show features lots of Sondheim tunes – – “Waiting for the Girls Upstairs/All I Need is the Girl,” a rocket speed “Cloudburst/Not Getting Married Today,” that questions why we want to put our name on a marriage license, to “Finishing the Hat,” “Children and Art/Children Will Listen.”   The unique jazz and swinging rhythms of John on guitar and vocals melded with Jessica’s theatrical musicality is always something to behold with its distinctive twists and turns.  They are playful – John with a bent for comedy – and high on emotions and ingenuity.


The gentle sensitivity of John’s “I Only Have Eyes For You” countered by Jessica’s “It Amazes Me” was pure delight.  Jessica’s penned “I Woke Up One Early Morning/The Natives Are Restless Tonight” brings a new reality to sleep deprivation and parenthood!


To witness a really intelligent rendering of songs that put a new spin on the word cabaret, J & J are extraordinary teachers of “The Secret of Life.” With Konrad Paszkudzki on piano, Kevin Kanner on drums and Martin Pizzarelli on double bass.


They’ll be at Café Carlyle thru November 23rd.  212 744-1600