NY Cabaret Review Sandi Durell


Not only is Christine Ebersole a big, fantastic vocal noise at 54 Below but, Ladies and Gents, please address her as Reverend Dr. Ebersole! Yes, she’s been ordained as a minister or as she puts it “a controversial cabaret singer” because of her politics.

get-attachment-4.aspxMs. Ebersole has so many facets in her approach to the perfectly selected tunes she’s chosen, showing off her musical controversies, (dressed in a white pants suit) – “The Revolutionary Costume for Today” (from Grey Gardens in which she played Little Edie Beal) in a funky rock arrangement that is an eye-opener and evening highlight.

It seems she was always a little off-beat growing up in Winnetka, Illinois where, at the age of 9, she decided to run away from home to seek out a family with a sense of justice, somewhere in Michigan! Why? Because Mom wanted her to continue with her piano lessons. So what’s a girl to do but put on her saddle shoes, cardigan sweater set and swim across Lake Michigan!

get-attachment-5.aspxAs a singer, Christine Ebersole is at the top of her game, strong and powerful and obviously loves to explore new territory choosing gospel and rock n’ roll – “Elijah Rock” leading into “Fingers to the Bone”(giving her first born 21 year old son Elijah Moloney a chance to show off his DNA singing with Mom), later bringing the house down with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (accompanied by her musical director Bette Sussman and backup singer Tabitha Fair on vocals).

Her philosophical political self was reflected with stories about her brother and Dad during the Vietnam War and in songs “Woodstock” and “Landslide.”

She has an extensive vocal range and ability that is riveting and did give the packed room a taste of her beautiful legit soprano with the compelling “Will You?,” from Grey Gardens, as part of her encore.

This gal is one hot, slick chick blessed with many multi-facets. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Her band consisted of Larry Saltzman on guitar, Clint DeGanon on drums, Lee Nadel on bass and Clark Gayton on trombone.

*Photos: Magda Katz

Remaining shows at 54 Below Sept. 11, 12, 13, 17 & 18 at 7 p.m. and Sept. 20 at 8 p.m.  

254 West 54 Street (cellar) NYC 212 646-476-3551