Photo: Richard Termine

Paramour Lyric Theatre Produced by Cirque du Soleil Theatrical Music by Bob & Bill; Co-Composer: Andreas Carlsson; Lyrics by Andreas Carlsson; Musical Director: Seth Stachowski Creative Guide: Jean-François Bouchard; Creative Director: Jean-François Bouchard; Directed by Philippe Decouflé; Associate Creative Director: West Hyler, Shana Carroll and Pascale Henrot; Scene Director: West Hyler; Acrobatic Designer: Shana Carroll; Choreographer: Shana Carroll and Daphné Mauger Scenic Design by Jean Rabasse; Costume Design by Philippe Guillotel; Lighting Design by Patrice Besombes; Sound Design by John Shivers; Projection Design by Olivier Simola and Christophe Waksmann; Hair Design by Josh Marquette; Make-Up Design by Nathalie Gagné; Props Design by Anne-Séguin Poirier President and Managing Director, Cirque du Soleil Theatrical: Scott Zeiger; Executive Producer: Jayna Neagle; General Manager: Bespoke Theatricals Technical Supervisor: David Benken; Production Stage Manager: Claudette Waddle; Stage Manager: Timothy R. Semon Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines; Band Leader: Seth Stachowski; Associate Conductor: James Lutz; Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Alex Bender; Acoustic/Electric Basses: Benjamin Campbell; Drums/Percussion: Benoit Clement; Cello: Louise Dubin; Percussion: Aaron Guidry; Trombone/Bass Trombone: James Lutz; Violin/Mandolin: Paul Woodiel; Keyboard/Guitar/Banjo/Saxophone: Seth Stachowski Acrobatic Casting: Cirque du Soleil Casting; Casting New York: Telsey + Company and Cesar A. Rocha, CSA; General Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: Kristina Heney; Flying Machine Design and Choreography: Raffaello D'Andrea and Verity Studios; Acrobatic Performance Designer: Boris Verkhovsky; Rigging and Acrobatic Equipment Designer: Pierre Masse; Artistic Director/Acrobatic Coach: Eric Heppell; Dance Captain: Bruce Weber Cast Jeremy Kushnier A.J. Golden Ruby Lewis Broadway debut Indigo James Ryan Vona Joey Green Kat Cunning Broadway debut Lila Sarah Me



By: Sandi Durell



Cirque du Soleil has gone Broadway – big and bold, even the playbill! The circus aspect isn’t in-your-face but peppered throughout a Hollywood theme flashback “The Golden Age of Hollywood,” featuring Broadway’s Jeremy Kushnier (Footloose, Rent) as AJ Golden, a hyper director-power broker, ready to make mush-meat of anyone who stands in his way. He has discovered his new star Indigo (debut for Ruby Lewis of the big voice) who is in love with her composer boyfriend/pianist Joey (Ryan Vona –Once) as a love triangle unfolds between the three.


As the movie scenes roll out (or film as AJ prefers them called) – Egyptian, a western Calamity Jane – what you see are some top dance production numbers, choreographed by Daphne Mauger – particularly a creative Filmstrip number that unfolds with unique timing – outstanding colorful costume designs (by Philippe Guillotel) and great expansive sets (by Jean Rabasse).

Photo: PARAMOUR on Broadway - A Cirque du Soleil Musical; Cast: Indigo: Ruby Lewis A.J.: Jeremy Kushnier Joey: Ryan Vona Invited dress rehearsal photographed: Friday, April 15, 2016; 7:00 PM at the Lyric Theatre/Broadway, New York; Photograph: © 2016 RICHARD TERMINE PHOTO CREDIT - RICHARD TERMINE



The impressive aerial strap artists, wonder twins Andrew & Kevin Atherton, come flying over the audience to everyone’s delight; the springboard acrobats and lamplight pole artists amaze with their strength and control; they’re all sprinkled in and through the you-gotta-have-a- theme production. Highly impressive is Act II’s New York City Rooftops trampoline fight scene (reminded me of “The Rumble” in West Side Story). Thank acrobatic designer Shana Carroll.


The music, composed by Bob & Bill, Guy Dubuc and Marc Lessard, with lyrics by Andreas Carlsson (also co-composer), is easy on the ears and a shout-out to Indigo and Joey’s love theme ‘Everything” (Act II) which is graceful and poignant.


And if you wonder how that magic carpet flies in “Aladdin,” you’ll experience the same awe watching flying chandeliers.


So what’s the beef? Why the put down on a new entry to the Broadway scene? There surely have been much shoddier, circus-like productions better received in the critical world of Broadway. If you want to gauge by audience reaction, I’d say they had a great time. This is a spectacular spectacle, fun for all ages, at a big price – – $25 million.


The open run at The Lyric Theatre on West 42 Street is the brainchild of Jean-Francois Bouchard and Philippe Decoufle. www.paramouronbroadway.com