Clearview Energy, the leader in the green energy industry, is proud to announce its partnership with the New York Yankees. As part of the partnership, Clearview Energywill be giving away thousands of tickets to foster children in the New York tri-state area to attend Yankees games against the Los Angeles Angels on September 17-19 and the Toronto Blue Jays from September 20-22.
“We commend Clearview Energy for its dedication to the community, and share in its commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Michael J. Tusiani, New York Yankees Senior Vice President, Partnerships.
“As a foster parent myself, I know the importance of role models and making memories and what better way to do this than at a New York Yankees game,” said Frank McGovern, CEO of Dallas-based Clearview Energy. “The New York Yankees reflect the diversity and spirit of New York City and working with an organization that embodies tradition the way they do emphasizes how to stay true and loyal in a world that is constantly changing.”
“The New York Yankees were the first major North American team to join UN Sports for Climate Action and working with them reinforces our commitment to advancements that are making the world a better place through green energy,” said McGovern.