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By: Sandi Durell



Colin Quinn fans take note! Your burning desire to delve into the history of our great city will be satisfied within 75 minutes at the Cherry Lane Theatre. From the sale of our bedrock Manhattan mecca in 1626 by Native Americans (or as Quinn refers to them, as ‘Indians’) to the Dutch, we begin to understand another side to the melting pot of inhabitants as they came to the new world establishing their culture.

It’s unabashedly and politically incorrect humor that keeps Quinn’s audience enthralled as he talks and spouts off about the various groups that emigrated to America and specifically to the Island of Manhattan – from Italians (a life opera in extreme) to Jews (filled with personal drama) to Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Puerto Ricans and blacks; to the pimps in Times Square – no one is left unscathed.

The satirical outlook presented by Quinn is alight with the prejudices and paranoia we see around us everyday – that’s why it’s funny.

Written by Quinn, based on his book “The Coloring Book,” and directed by pal Jerry Seinfeld, the boy from Brooklyn (okay, Park Slope!) who has already covered the world (Long Story Short) and the country (Unconstitutional), has come home to roost.

PS: Alert! The evening I attended it was like an ice box in the theater – be prepared.

Photos: Mike Lavoie

Colin Quinn The New York Story continues thru August 16th. Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street, Greenwich Village

Tickets: 866 811-4111. www.ColinQuinnTheNewYorkStory.com