They trash taboos and smash stereotypes!  You can never under-estimate them!

Dames Like Us is the brainchild of award-winning playwright/director/actor Francesca Rizzo, who plays Sophia, the Argentinian bikini-waxer and the take-no-prisoners proprietress of Salon de Sophia, a Spa.

She’s joined by a revolving cast of four top character actors who move from wig to wig, persona to persona as they transform themselves into a series of funny characters drawn from life. Beauty technicians and their clientele come together to touch on everything from sex to politics and more. Dames will be dames!

They’re fresh, topical and innovative and always new material.

Spend a laugh-filled Saturday afternoon with the Dames for only $20 (including free champagne). For $15 more you can even get a Prix fix brunch!  Cornelia Street Cafe – 29 Cornelia Street, Greenwich Village  Reservations: 212 989-9319



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