Theater for the New City‘s eleventh Dream Up Festival fast approaching (August 28 to September 18). See the entire 23-show festival lineup here:

Here’s a sampling:

“Adolsy,” written by Taylor Dodd Geu world premiere, 90 minutes $15, Community Theater

9/4 5pm, 9/5 9pm, 9/7 9pm, 9/8 6:30pm, 9/9 6:30pm

Adolfo Quijano performs magic for the rich and famous, particularly the criminal elite. However, he has a secret: he evenly splits his time in another body. That body is Dolsy Ernez, a lesbian in a distant city with a stable relationship. And then, of course, something goes wrong. Adolfo seizures and possibly dies, leading his goons to investigate Dolsy. The secret is out, and now Dolsy and Adolfo find themselves caught between who they are and who they should be.

“BrothaShakespeare,” created by Keldrick Crowder and co-written and directed by S. Brian Jones. world premiere 70 minutes

$18, Community Theater 9/2 9pm, 9/3 8pm, 9/4 8pm, 9/6 9pm, 9/7 6:30pm

A former successful Shakespearian actor, now homeless living on the streets of New York City is forced to make peace with his past and the brutal truth of the two America’s in which he lives. When a local theater company mounts a new production called ‘Brother Shakespeare,’ he insists to anyone who will listen to him it’s his story. A confrontation with the theatre company as to the “white” man on the poster causes him to go deep within and confront demons darker than any Shakespeare tragedy he’s ever played on any stage. Stars Keldric Crowder and festures Cartier as the “rhythm” and Kathy Dee Harrison as the “voice.”

“Crescent City Rebirth” by Monique Pappas Williams, directed by Sabura Rashid world premiere, 90 min $15, Johnson Theater

9/4 2pm, 9/6 6:30pm, 9/8 6:30pm, 9/9 9pm, 9/10 8pm 9/11 5pm, 9/16 6:30pm

After Hurricane Katrina destroys the family business,  a self-focused actress embarks on a long awaited journey to New Orleans to quickly sell her family property and return to New York before a neighbor’s revenge plot to hide the past ruins her future. Cast of seven.

“Splitting My Sides” American Premiere 50 min. $20, Johnson Theater

9/14 6:30pm, 9/15 9pm, 9/16 9pm, 917 5pm, 9/18 8pm

This is a unique, collaborative work showcasing new work from legendary couturier Mr Pearl, Drag Diva Joey Arias, vocal supremo Breezy Lee and choreographers Alex Rigg (UK) and Laura Victoria Ward (US) alongside unique costumes from Oceanallover.  It explores the idea of stepping out of your old skin in order to grow and highlights the need to preserve the unique ecology of reptiles. The show is made up of several short chapters, each section speaking to one reptile. Original music includes a collaboration between Joey Arias and Breezy Lee who will perform live.

Lead Photo: Splitting My Sides