by John Weatherford

I do believe there has never been a performer who has enjoyed playing Café Carlyle more than the indomitable Natalie Douglas.  She shares with the audience her early days struggling in New York to find her place.  She recalls the night, after saving her pennies (and we’re talking a lot of pennies), when she and a friend sat at the bar at Café Carlyle to experience the legendary Bobby Short.  She dreamed that someday she would be on the other side of the lights.  Well, last night was the first of what will be many nights at the New York landmark.

Ms. Douglas not only was on the other side of the lights, she was the light.  Her charm and her warmth gave the spotlights a run for their money.  She is, by all accounts, one of the foremost cabaret artists today.  She mesmerizes her audiences with gentleness and a loving presence.  She makes every member of the audience feel special.  And, I truly believe that, in her heart and mind they are special.

Natalie Douglas is grateful.  What more can be said for anyone in this world than to be grateful.

Her voice is magical and her tones are tantalizing.  She is supported by a musical director who understands her passion for using music to share an emotional kaleidoscope.  Mark Hartman is a musical genius.  His arrangements are spectacular and his hands on the keys are heavenly.

This will be the show that many will remember as saying, “I was there when Natalie Douglas first appeared at Café Carlyle.  I must be one of the luckiest people in the world.”

For this first engagement she has one more show.  Tonight Friday, Sept. 27th at 10:45 pm.  Be there so you can be one of those lucky ones. 

*Photos Russ Weatherford