PITCHBLACK Immersive Experiences presents ODD MAN OUT, (www.PitchBlackExperience.com/Odd-Man-Out/) a new at-home immersive theatrical sensory box experience. Written by Martín Bondone and directed by Bondone, Carlos Armesto, and Facundo BogarínODD MAN OUT begins with a travel box sent to your home that will allow “passengers” to be a part of the ODD MAN OUT story.

ODD MAN OUT is an audio play in darkness. It begins when “passengers” scan the QR code on their boarding pass of PITCHBLACK Airlines which they’ll find in their travel box, and blindfold themselves. From there, the story allows listeners to immerse themselves in the tale of Alberto, a blind musician flying home from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina after decades of self-exile. As listeners enter Alberto’s story, they experience a 360-surround sound, multisensory “journey.” Passengers stay blindfolded throughout the duration of the “flight,” also engaging their senses of smell, taste and touch. They’ll experience Alberto’s story of love, prejudice and fears that were left behind.

ODD MAN OUT began at Teatro Ciego in Argentina, which has a 15-year history of creating live experiences in complete darkness. The theater company employs artists and technicians with visual disabilities in all their work. Forty percent of staff and creative teams are made up of blind and low-vision individuals.

The audio box experience takes 65 minutes and is available to passengers for 96 hours after they scan the QR code on their boarding pass.

A portion of the proceeds from the ODD MAN OUT Immersive Box Experience will go to Visions (https://www.visionsvcb.org/), which provides services for the blind and visually impaired.