OneTable, an organization that empowers people in their 20s and 30s to envision new rituals and build community through Shabbat dinner, released the 12th and final PAUSE episode in their 12-month video series with The episode stars international cast members of Fiddler on the Roof singing the “Sabbath Prayer” in nine languages, including Hebrew, Yiddish, Japanese, Tagalog, and more. Released on Friday, September 10th, the video has surpassed 250,000 views through various distribution channels. 

This month’s episode, produced by Adam Kantor in partnership with Reboot, is an ode to the ritual of gathering together and to the gifts that theatre and live performance have given both to craftspeople and to their audiences. As Broadway and other forms of our communal life reemerge, OneTable celebrates the joy of being together. 

Watch the episode:

Presented by OneTable with Produced by Adam Kantor with Reboot.