The Last Call (PFG Films) commences August 9, 2021 in Morristown, NJ. The supernatural-psychological thriller stars Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Bruce DavisonRachel True (“The Craft”) and Tony Award nominated and multiple Emmy Award winner, Keith David.

Directed by Mike Sargent and written by Mike Kuciak, the feature is being produced by Michael Alden, Ian Holt and Mike Kuciak of Alt House Productions in partnership with PFG Films. Special Effects Make-Up will be designed by the legendary Vincent J. Guastini.  Sound Design is by Academy Award winning Sound Editor Cecelia Hall.

After what appears to be a cult mass suicide, a documentary filmmaker, DR. AMARA ROWEN (True), is contacted by the surviving members of ‘The Hidden Wisdom Cult’ in the hope she will be able to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, Amara’s connection with the group could unwittingly make her the next victim.