by: Sandi Durell





If there’s one dance that heats up and boils over, it’s the international Latin sensation, the tango. Currently back on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre, Luis Bravo’s “Forever Tango” is proving itself an exciting, sophisticated theatrical experience.

The compilation of multifaceted dance couples, each unique in their style and movement, accompanied by the fervor of Latin music, is exhilarating.

Tango is a language unto itself in its intensity and focus as it speaks to all conveying vast emotions.  We all know how a look and a gesture can communicate volumes. So it is with tango.  Each dance vignette is specific in its story-telling. But each story is filled with romance and heat as females are flung and bodies collide in passion.

A dramatic opening reveals male dancer Juan Paulo Horvath emerging from a large bandoneón (a concertina-like instrument) on stage, joined by Victoria Galoto in “Preludio del Bandoneón y la Noche,” the full company joining in “El Suburbio,”

Interspersed, is famous Latin singing sensation Gilberto Santa Rosa who has won five Grammy Awards and has had 14 number one hits on Billboard’s Tropical Airplay chart, performing songs “Garua,”Si Te Dijeron,” “El Dia Que Me Quieras,” his smooth crooner voice the recipient of thunderous applause, hoots and shouts. (salsa singing artist Luis Enrique will take over July 30-Aug. 18th).

A major highlight of the evening is seeing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ champions Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskly who ooze provocative sensuality in “Comme I’ll Faut” or, for that matter, anytime they appear on stage. They continue thru August 11th, as part of a rotating specialty guest cast.

The various dance couples each shine; “Zumo” Leguizamon & Belen Bartolome as they flip, toss and slide with abandon (Vampitango); Diego Ortega & Aldana Silveyra in the longing “Preparense;” the sexy Soledad Buss (in revealing bodysuit) & Cesar Peral in “Soledad.”

There is a gracefulness specific to each dancer, and surprisingly so as a couple of the male dancers are physically husky. Legs flip and turn, bodies contort as we admire the beauty, sensitivity and creativity of the performers. Sebastian Ripoll & Mariana Bojanich in “La Mariposa;”  a traditional “La Cumparsita” with Hernan Lazart & Florencia Blanco; Gaspar Godoy & Marcela Duran’s sensually pleasing  “A Mis Viejos;”  “Felicia” featuring Natalia Turelli & Ariel Manzanares.

The dance vignettes each tell a story, from tension and terror to humorous and lively; the dancers assuming their traditional look of passionate gravity.  They are all responsible for choreographing various segments.

The orchestra consists of four Bandoneón players (Victor Lavallen, Carlos Niesi, Jorge Trivisonno, Eduardo Miceli) along with violins (Leonardo Ferreyra, Jose Luis Marina, Washington Williman, cellist Luis Bravo (creator/director), bassist Hector Pineda, exceptional pianist Jorge Vernieri and keyboardist Maurizio Najt.

The fantasia of costumes are by Argemira Affonso.

“Forever Tango” is joyful to behold and runs thru September 15th at the Walter Kerr Theatre, 219 W. 48 St., NYC with rotating guest artists. The show runs 2 hrs.10 min. with one intermission.