For 4 million people, Goldstar is the first place people go to find something great to do. With half-price tickets to thousands of shows and events, people can make live entertainment part of their everyday lives. Now, for iOS users, Goldstar has a free app –available for download at http://www.goldstar.com/app – which puts the world’s biggest ticket booth in the palm of a hand.


“This is the only app available anywhere that makes it easy to find thousands of great things to do at a good value, read reviews, map routes to venues, and buy tickets – all with just a few taps,” says Jim McCarthy CEO Goldstar.


In addition, with the Goldstar app people can:

  • Find events for every day of the week in major U.S. cities
  • Sort events by date, category, location
  • View and manage ticket purchases
  • Purchase half-price tickets


Goldstar has always made it easy for members to discover and buy live entertainment where they live. Innovative features make the process easier and better than anywhere else.  The patent-pending “Sit With Friends” feature, for example, allows members to buy their tickets, send their friends a special link to use so everyone can sit together, pay for their own tickets and enjoy the show. Goldstar also has the most complete information for making a good decision about an event, with the world’s most trusted source of user reviews for live entertainment, member-entered tips, a helpful bookmarking system, and seat holds. Goldstar is free to join. Members gain access to exciting events in their community from the world of theatre, sports, music, comedy and family entertainment.