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Photos/Video: Shoshana Medney


Student representatives from New York metro area high schools performed songs, rap, poetry, scenes and monologues, created as part of HAMILTON curriculum.
The innovative educational program launched in 2016 at HAMILTON on Broadway will continued in New York on Wednesday, June 5 when 1,300  students and teachers from Title I-eligible public schools attend the matinee performance of the musical at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  Attendance at the show is the culmination of an integrated school curriculum about Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Era, developed in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to inspire creative ways of studying and learning history.

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In addition to seeing a performance of HAMILTON, students participate in a Q&A with members of the cast and have the opportunity to experience the musical after-studying this period of American history in their classrooms through a special integrated curriculum. Students representing participating schools will perform on the Richard Rodgers Theatre stage in front of their peers and present original work – including songs, rap, poetry, scenes and monologues – they created based on their classroom studies.
Much like the Broadway performance, the HAMILTON Education Program (HEP) – one of several history education programs at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History – embraces creative genius, transcending a lecture-driven classroom to emphasize the talents and passions of individual students. The curriculum fosters a personal learning experience, encouraging students to embrace and recreate the lessons of the Founding Era in their own unique way.

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A portion of the grant provided by The Rockefeller Foundation went to the Gilder Lehrman Institute to develop the “Hamilton Education Program,” an in-class curriculum designed around the musical. The program includes a “Hamilton Student Performance and Study Guide” and an online “HAMILTON” portal for students and teachers that offers students a creative platform for developing and producing their own original performances of poetry, rap, songs, scenes and other art expressions, to be performed at the theater prior to watching a performance of HAMILTON.