September 2nd was Marge Champion‘s birthday! She is 101 years old!

When we met back when, it was Marge and Gower Champion! These are some of my personal images I’ve kept over the many years I’ve known her.

I saw that constant knowing presence at DOLLY rehearsals as Marge fortified Gower’s ideas as his assistant on the show, or coaching Carole Channing—always quietly!

Marge has handled even the darker chapters eloquently. The sad passing of her son Blake.,  The end of her marriage. Always supporting dancers, actors, musicians, directors (her son Gregg is a director today)

She made a wonderful video KEEP DANCING. I catch glimpses of her cooking for us in her modest house in the Berkshires! Weekends of good food, and feeling her affection, challenges, protection.

Her grace through the years – accepting awards, celebrity, respect.


Sondra Lee