by Sandi Durell

If you stayed up till midnight and watched the ball drop in Times Square, you had some sad feelings of nostalgia for what used to be New Year’s Eve in New York City. Over a million people would crowd into those few blocks starting the evening prior. Imagine being on the moment, usually freezing cold (without access to a bathroom)!

But this year presented a new way of celebrating – no one allowed in the coveted Times Square area except for front line workers and their families; about 300 people to witness the tradition. Preceded by Andra Day singing a fine arrangement of “Imagine,” we watched thinking about the New Year, what it will bring – – life as we knew it? With vaccines on the way, how long will it take until we can once again return to some normality of what NYC represents to us. . . fun city . . . theater, restaurants, cabarets. When? The BIG ? mark.

We’ll keep an optimistic outlook. It’s what us New Yorkers do!

Happy New Year everyone!

(Photos: Sandi Durell)