Clint Holmes – Lynn DiMenna

Review by Lynn DiMenna. . .

Full of heart and a whole lot more! Wick Cabaret, after proudly presenting a challenging yet wildly successful season of top notch performers in their theater’s dazzling, spacious, safe and sanitary lobby, ended with an uplifting and heartwarming dose of entertainment artistry when Clint Holmes took to the stage and mesmerized his audience with his mellifluous voice, warm personality and engaging stories. It was also his huge heart and numerous additional side skills that brought people to their feet several times. His purple, aluminum water bottle, “Heart Water,” filled with purified rainwater, provided a perfect metaphor for the evening given that the company that produces the environmentally friendly bottled water has as their slogans…“full of heart” and “pour your heart out!” Holmes obliged but he added a whole lot more “body and soul” as well. 

At times, his microphone became a sax-like instrument that he feigned playing convincingly. His vocal scatting agility and on stage physicality were also particularly impressive given that this septuagenarian has been providing goosebumps to audiences nationwide and in his hometown of Las Vegas for the better part of forty years. A nod to the great Sammy Davis Jr. had him mimicking Davis’s tap dancing steps and his heart rending story about his parents, their bi-racial, musical background and journey and how it affected his own life and songwriting, resulted in an original song called “1944.” As they say, you could have heard a pin drop and ladies reached for their tissues. From his explosive opening number, “She’s Good To Me,” to his final heart stopping version of “Hallelujah,” running on all cylinders and through riveting patter and perfectly paced song choices, Holmes revealed who he is and why he just had to share with us these very personal songs.

Anarene Barr, Marilyn Maye, Lynn DiMenna

Special mention must also be made of his trio of musicians led by musical director, accompanist and inventive pianist, Christian Tamburr, totally engaged bassman, Ranses Colon and veteran, supportive drummer, Frank Derrick, There’s nothing like observing sidemen enjoying their work and a performer’s show as much as the audience. Great thanks to the Wick gals, Marilynn and Kim, Ray Kennedy, the waitstaff and the whole Wick Cabaret team for launching this wonderful new venue against all the odds. Next season can’t come soon enough!