By Bernie Furshpan (#7 in the Series)


Think about a stressful situation you experienced at home or at work. Did you feel like you were being stretched in two different directions?

Going through situations in life is like riding a Chariot pulled by two horses. On one side, you’re being Rational.  That’s Intuition talking, your Gut Reaction tugging at you. And on the other side, your Heart is speaking to you. That’s your Instinct, your raw emotions pulling your chariot the other way.

What I’m proposing to you, as a longtime healthcare professional with many lucrative careers, a consultant and an author, and who has successfully negotiated many twists and turns in life, that both Intuition and Instinct are equally important and keeping them working together helps negotiate situations in life without getting stuck in the ditch on either side of your path.  Harnessing both Intuition and Instinct helps get you to life lessons quicker, adding to your cache of wisdom.

What are the differences between your emotions and your intuition, your two horses, if you will.

Emotions are basic instincts that are powerful gravitational forces found within the bonds you have with the things you love and own.  There is an incredibly strong bond between a cat and her kittens, so don’t get too close if you don’t want your eyes gouged out.

You experience one emotion at a time in a particular order until you complete a full emotional cycle.  You get EXCITED about something new. Then, you’re ANGRY when it escapes. Then you’re SCARED to be without it.  And finally you’re REMORSEFUL with the role you played, and this completes the cycle. It is a healing, evolving and insightful process.   It adds new perspectives to the cache of intuitive wisdom. If you’re trying to protect someone from experiencing a full cycle of emotions, you’re doing them a disservice.

Emotions serve a good purpose and they protect and ensure the survival of the ME that you’ve created.  When the emotional bonds are in their extreme, must have and can’t lose states, they escalate to Infatuation, Rage, Panic and Despair and drag you into a ditch.  In these states, you become “Unreasonable, “with things like money, beliefs, power, food, and other people, rendering you hopelessly repeating this vicious cycle.

Emotions flow in a particular order because they are an adaptation of the fundamental Universal cycle taught in Physics.  Like the cycles of seasons, economy, health and relationships, emotions also share the underlying Universal phases of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.  I’ve developed a system that simplifies these phases so that you can easily predict and manage your emotions.

The other horse, Intuition, gives you different perspective of a situation, that the bonds between you and the things you love and own are very fragile and temporary.  By muzzling your emotional thoughts, you give your Intuition a chance to right your path back on track and streamline through the event. I’ve developed a technique that almost instantly gives Intuition the advantage so that both Instinct and Intuition are working together again.  However, if you functioned only from an Intuitive Rational point of view with no emotion, no compassion, no affection, you wouldn’t gain any new perspectives because they’re needed to complete emotional cycles, to heal yourself and others.

When you allow others to go through their full cycles of emotions, you improve on your own ability to go through them more efficiently.  Next time someone insists that their way is the correct way, stay rational and allow them to prove it or disprove it. If they were right, you learned another point of view.  If they were wrong, they will gain a new perspective and both of you will benefit from it. Otherwise, you’re interrupting emotional cycles. They won’t arrive at any conclusion, only to repeat themselves.  I’ve heard it many times before — people tell me that they keep getting into the same financial troubles, that they keep getting into the same abusive relationships, that they repeat the same arguments.  You can be successful in every aspect of your life if you keep both your instinct and intuition working together on a straight path of enlightenment and personal growth.

Simply address every situation by asking two questions:

How is this situation affecting my survival?

What role did I play in the development of this situation?