iLuminate, named the best new act in America by “America’s Got Talent,” lit up the holidays with its “mesmerizing” (“Good Morning America”), “eye-popping” (Time Out) and “stunning” (Broadway.com) displays of visual and musical amazement at New World Stages – Stage 1 on opening night, December 1.
Theater Pizzazz’ Mark Ryan Anderson was on hand to capture the curtain call.
iLuminate runs thru January 8.
Music, art, and the technological magic of iLuminate bring you a story of adventure and romance told through dance styles ranging from contemporary, hip-hop, Latin, and breaking, all using the power of light. With a mash-up of dazzling wizardry, spectacular dance moves, fun audience -interactive games and high-tech effects, iLuminate delivers this unique dance-in-the-dark event.