From Larry Kerchner


Just in time for the upcoming Passover holiday, songwriter Larry Kerchner has rolled out Mark Nadler’s recording of “The Passover Polka.”  It’s available for sale via download, but being offered free of charge to anyone whose spirits it might lift in these troubling time.

Larry writes: “Humor has helped sustain us in hard times throughout history, but rarely has the need for humor been so directly linked to our collective predicament of separation and isolation.  Luckily, there have always been those whose big hearts and positive spirits have calmed our fears and soothed our souls in trying times, if only for a little while.

Mark Nadler is one such entertainer who has the ability to lift us up when we’re down and give us hope when we’re in despair.  A consummate musician, singer, dancer, and actor, Mark is my go-to guy when nothing but the best will do — which is always!  That’s why I came to Mark with “The Passover Polka.”  No one else can travel to the edge of sacrilege and make a last-second U-turn to hilarity!  So with Pesach approaching and the calendar encroaching, I offer up my song free of charge.  All I ask is that you enjoy it and let Mark know how much his genius is appreciated!  My dear friend, the late Tex Arnold is on piano, with Tom Hubbard on Bass, and Dan Gross on drums.

And it’s “Sondheim-approved!” (Really!-Stephen heard it . . .)”

Click Here to Listen Download: 

Pssst: There’s an added bonus Track from Another Favorite Artist!