Sadly as much as we wish and pine for the days of eating indoors here in New York, here’s the latest update from the Mayor along with a Theatre Row favorite now out of business.
“Mayor Casually Hints That Indoor Dining May Not Return Until 2021” – “In a press conference on Monday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that the city might have to wait awhile — potentially into next year — before indoor dining will be allowed to resume. In response to a reporter’s question about how the city was planning to “stem the tide” of people moving out of the area due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, de Blasio reiterated confidence in the recovery of the local economy in the wake of the pandemic. He said that the city’s beloved attractions — including Broadway theaters and indoor dining at restaurants — will be back “next year.” “Of course we’ll be back,” de Blasio said at the press conference. “If folks miss the theater, if they miss indoor dining, those things will be back. They’ll be back next year at some point. I think that is overwhelmingly the case.””
— CLOSING: W42st (@W42st): “Another diner lost to the neighborhood. Farewell Theatre Row Diner #hellskitchen”