Michael Presser





by: Maryann Lopinto






Inside Broadway is a New York Theatre based company committed to producing Broadway musicals for young audiences. and introducing the youngsters to theatre. It has been in existence for 34 years and is run by Michael Presser.



Eli Tokash


They also present “CREATING THE MAGIC,” several times a year, in which they bring these young audiences to a legitimate theatre  showing the backstage of theater  – how the show is run from lights to scenery and sound.
Latest this week was at The Lunt Fontanne Theatre with Finding Neverland. The audience was treated to a demonstration of lighting and how scenery is brought in plus several performances by the cast of the show.


We met the Stage Manager who calls the shots when the scenery is to be moved and light changes are made. . . basically the person who makes sure the show runs correctly. Matthew Shaw explained the scenery which is actually a flat painting and how it looks as if it was a full set rather than flat. He explained how some sets are dropped and how some are brought on a runner and also gave some light cues.



Matthew Shaw, Stage Manager



The Prop master told us about all the props and how they make sure that everyone has what they need.

A few members of the cast performed some of the numbers and related information about their careers.


Jessica Lee Goldyn and Tyler Ross



The history of the Lunt Fontanne was explained. In 1910 it opened as the Globe Theatre, named after a London Theatre. It was a legitimate theatre until 1932 when it was turned into a movie house. In 1958 it became a legitimate theatre again and was gutted and renovated and became the Lunt Fontanne, named after Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne who reopened the theatre with The Visit. The next show was The Sound of Music starring Mary Martin as the original Maria, and also as Peter Pan. A point of reference – Finding Neverland is about James Barry and how he wrote Peter Pan.

Photos: Maryann Lopinto