Unlike major theatre districts in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, many playwrights live in places where it’s often difficult to be involved or to have access to development workshops. They don’t get the experience and nurturing afforded to playwrights in predominantly urban areas. This is where Script to Stage comes in and fills the gap. We are the alternative for those writers who cannot get the help and support they need to see their script come to life and be realized. Script to Stage is a virtual service where playwrights can enjoy an immersive experience with theatre professionals.

Our program is structured as a one-on-one process – just the playwright and our creative team. Many development workshops and labs for playwrights consist of groups. We are focused on giving our full attention to the writer. Every enrollment is accepted without prejudice or subjectivity. However, we prohibit scripts that spew hateful messages or themes in their stories. As long as playwrights are interested in honing their craft, we are fully committed to helping them meet their goals.

The program is designed to run for eight consecutive weeks. Playwrights receive support from a dramaturg for the first five weeks, including script consultation, conversations, and thorough feedback notes with an optional comprehensive evaluation after the staged reading. In the sixth week, playwrights begin to collaborate with a director and cast of actors. They will experience the same process professional playwrights undergo when workshopping their play with a theatre company or institution.

Since all playwrights are not the same, we offer three packages to choose from. Package One provides five weeks of working with a dramaturg with the goal of achieving a final draft. Package Two provides three weeks of collaboration with a director and a cast of actors in preparation for a virtual staged reading. Package Three is a fully immersive eight-week program with a dramaturg, directors, and actors.

Resources are sent to writers throughout the development in all three packages. In addition, once the process is done, playwrights will finally see their vision performed in real-time in a virtual staged reading in front of an audience in Package Two and Three. The reading is videotaped for the playwright to keep. After the staged reading, playwrights are consulted about the next steps for their script.

As a playwright, who has been produced nationally and abroad, one of my missions is to support my fellow dramatic writers and to continue giving them updates on opportunities that could enhance their careers.

Scripts can be at any stage of development. Playwrights interested in learning more about Script to Stage or considering enrolling in the program can go to https://miuprod.com/services/scripttostage/