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Joe Franklin, talk show host, died at the age of 88, at a Manhattan hospice, of prostate cancer on January 24th. He was everywhere!  Why just a couple of weeks ago, I met him at theater!  Joe was an institution from the 1950’s through 2015. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. “When are you coming on my show?” were his favorite words each time we’d meet!  Through the years he must have interviewed over a quarter million guests on his local New York radio and TV shows. Just recently, with staff in hand, he was on stage to open and close the 60 continuous variety entertainment hours in the Guinness Book of Records Official Competition at the Metropolitan Room.

It was always an amazement when visiting him how he ever found anything, what with all the books, papers and paraphernalia piled sky-high – an endearing memory.

Joe Franklin interviewed everyone, from Elvis Presley to John F. Kennedy, Barbra Streisand to Richard Nixon. He was one of a kind, loved by all who knew him,  and will be sorely missed.