Rob Ulin’s (“Roseanne,” Hulu’s “Ramy”) JUDGMENT DAY, directed by Matthew Penn (“Law & Order,” “Orange Is the New Black,” BSC’s Typhoid Mary, 10×10 New Play Festival) and starring Tony Award winners Jason Alexander, Patti LuPone, Santino Fontana and Grammy Award winner Michael McKean is available.

This irreverent comedy follows Sammy Campo (Alexander), a deeply corrupt, morally bankrupt lawyer (Jason Alexander), who after he is threatened with eternal damnation from a terrifying angel ( LuPone) teams up with a Catholic priest (Fontana), to debate the timeless questions of Western philosophy – “morality,” “faith,” and “Are people any damn good?” 

The encore presentation is running on Stellar from July 26-August 1 in support of Barrington Stage.

Tickets are available at