Julie Budd



Julie Budd’s been in the business of show since the age of 12, when she won a talent contest while vacationing in the Catskills with her family, and has had an amazing career as a song stylist since then. She speaks from her heart here, offering words of gratitude, strength and love during this unique time in our history.

Julie is the epitome of the kid with chutzpa that obviously moved her along as a performer and has met and performed on some of the greatest shows to hit the television screens in America – (i.e. Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin), meeting her musical director/arranger Herb Bernstein early on, they’ve been a team for over 50 years and fit like hand in glove. She’s an iconic chanteuse and riveting storyteller and has been labeled ‘The Consummate Performer’ by the New York Times. She was seen recently  at Birdland last year.