July 4 Weekend and You

Photo: Kent Miller – Macy’s

Photo: Johnathan Basquez at UnSplash


Keep an eye out for Macy’s July 4 Fireworks and be sure to wear your mask wherever you go. On July 4th on NBC (8 – 10 pm) you can watch video of the bursts of fireworks that took place from June 29-July 1 and, atop the Empire State Building, John Legend and the Young People’s Chorus of NYC will be saluting front line workers. The event will be star studded.

ESPN will air the annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest starting at noon.

Many streets in NYC and boroughs (22 to be exact) will be closed so that outdoor dining can be socially distanced and one can meet friends and family for some safe dining. ny.eater.com/2020

And, of course, beginning today everyone can see the original Hamilton on demand on Disney+ Channel.


It’s a hot weekend but social gathering should be given extra thought on how to approach it all. It’s no secret that coronavirus cases are now on the rise and the only way to prevent a continuing surge is to take responsibility, not only for yourself, but for others who may be more susceptible because of age and pre-existing conditions. It’s no joke! Stay safe, stay well.

Happy Independence Day Weekend from TheaterPizzazz.com!