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Written by Michael Lee Stever
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Picture 59 Picture 51Sharpen your daggers, and check your nooses for tensile strength kids! ‘Ruthless The Musical’ is taking New York City by storm and leaving theater patrons shocked with Machiavellian glee… not to mention tapping their toes to some of the catchiest new songs to hit the Great White Way!

Murder, and musical mayhem are on the menu at Manhattan’s historic St. Lukes Theater nestled conveniently in the heart of Restaurant Row on West 46th street. What is this colorfully epic musical shockfest about you might ask? Essentially it’s The Bad Seed meets Gypsy but it’s so much more than that. Tina Denmark is a pretty, charming and diabolical eight-year-old who “was born to entertain.” With the encouragement of slick and overbearing agent Sylvia St. Croix, Tina will do anything to play the lead in her school play, and we do mean… “Anything!”

The cast is absolutely superb from start to finish. Small but mighty Tori Murray plays the dangerously driven Tina Denmark with lethal precision, Rita McKenzie barrels into her role of jaded critic Lita Encore with mack truck delicacy and off-the-charts bravado. Sexy Tracy Jai Edward’s dual roles are as expansively diverse as they are engaging, and Andrea McCullough’s menacingly devoted Miss Thorn is a whole lot of prickly fun. Kim Maresca, who plays tiny Tina’s melodically gifted mother Judy Denmark, does an about face that will blow your mind and the supremely gifted Peter Land’s Sylvia St. Croix harbors the ‘Mother’ of all gut punch dramatic twists!

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Fran and PattiYou will marvel at the genius firmly planted in Marvin Laird’s memorable musical score, and the riotously funny book and lyrics by Joel Paley could very well leave you with a belly ache from laughing so hard. Monday night’s opening, (and Fran Drescher’s subsequent Cancer Schmancer recent benefit cruise) were both star studded affairs and If this show’s celebrity following is any indication, it’s in for smooth sailing indeed! Celebrities in attendance included Fran Drescher, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters, Jackie Hoffman, Mario Cantone, Gillian Lynn, Jim Brochu plus Regis and Joy Philbin just to name a few.

Of course. the only way to truly savor ‘Ruthless The Musical’ is to high tail it down to St. Lukes theater on West 46th street, buy your ticket and see for yourself. But watch out, this show will no doubt ignite a renewed appreciation for over the top, camp/horror musicals! I say bravo to that, original works with razor sharp teeth are exactly what Broadway needs! www,ruthlessthemusical.com