By Sandi Durell



There’s no doubt that Marci Kraft loves, no, adores the music of the 1960s. And it’s every aspect of it – pop tunes, songs from 60’s Broadway shows, from London to California and all those television theme and silly novelty songs – no stone was left unturned when it came to inclusiveness of 60’s genre in her recent show at Don’t Tell Mama.


The evening I attended, the room was packed to the rafters for Marci’s closing show on November 14, after completing three other successful nights. Her passion for singing and expression is evident. She has a low alto vocal, with a limited range, but no matter – – her sincerity and willingness to please her audience is what comes through loud and clear. She enjoys herself immensely in sharing her love of the genre along with many stories about the various songs and artists.


Her medley opener of “Proud Mary/Get Ready/On Broadway/Up On the Roof” pretty much sets the tone for the evening. You can’t help but move in your seat, or sing along to tunes like “Hey Look Me Over” or “California Girls/Fun Fun Fun.”


For any of us who were television fans in the 60s (and who wasn’t!), it was a big nostalgia sing-along to the “Flintstones,” “ Addams Family” and “Gilligan’s Island.”


Once Marci moved along to the Beatles, the audience was really groovin’ to “Can’t Buy Me Love/With a Little Help From My Friends/Hard Day’s Night.”


She worked with an A team behind her . . . Barry Levitt, Musical Director on piano, Tom Hubbard on bass, Daniel Glass on drums and Jack Cavari on guitar. It was all lovingly and cleverly created and directed by Marilyn Maye.


What would enhance her performance, in my opinion, would be to have more fun with her audience, develop a playfulness which would work extremely well in the small intimate nightclub setting.


Marci Kraft is a great learner and researcher. She works hard at what she does which is apparent in seeing her growth from one show to the next. Perhaps she’ll reprise the 60s as it’s filled with wonderful material.