On Wednesday, November 10, Kristin Chenoweth appeared on talkshoplive to promote her new album,’Happiness Is. . .Christmas!‘ Kristin appeared and performed alongside her new fiance, Josh Bryant and they talked about their engagement. Kristin also gave her thoughts on the casting of Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in the upcoming Wicked movie. 

Kristin: We are so happy. Josh, are you so happy? 

Josh: Oh, I’m so happy. I can’t wait. 

Kristin: I’m happy. I found the person. 

** Note: They played a song together (first time they performed it)

Watch the full interview here: https://talkshop.live/watch/4EeLTmVGiMFM/5993

Credit ‘told Steve Hatkins on talkshoplive’ and on screen ‘Courtesy: talkshoplive’