by Magda Katz


Monday night 89 year old legendary comedian/filmmaker Jerry Lewis held court at the Friars Club in New York City. Sitting in a director’s chair embroidered with his signature, he regaled the audience with jokes and showed dozens of clips of his performances on a monitor placed next to him.



Jerry and son Gary

One of the clips, was the 1976 reunion with Dean Martin, arranged by Frank Sinatra after 20 years of not speaking to his former partner. There is a a touching clip of Jerry singing “Danny Boy,” first with his father, and in another clip singing “Danny Boy” 10 years later with his young son Gary.


Jerry and Dad, Danny

After Jerry’s presentation, club members lined up and greeted Jerry. As I was watching from the side, the words that I would not use to describe Jerry’s interaction with his fans are charming, gracious or warm. Sometimes it’s better not to meet an icon and, therefore, not be disappointed. I walked away thinking how glad I was not to talk or shake his hand and let him crack a cheap joke at my expense.


The one word I can use to describe Jerry Lewis is talented.  (Photos: Magda Katz)


Joe Piscopo