Entertainment devotees won’t have to put their needs on hold when flying – not if you happen to be flying on Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red Flights in Edinburgh or Manchester! A One of a Kind Experience!

Virgin Atlantic will be entertaining passengers on selected Little Red flights to Edinburgh or Manchester with stand-up comedy and live music acts starting this month.

Comedians participating in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will get to entertain passengers in August. In September, the airlines will bring in musicians to perform live during flights as a homage to the music scenes in Manchester and Scotland.

Look to Virgin Atlantic’s Facebook and Twitter to see the line up of who, but in order to maintain a certain level of surprise, the company is keeping mum on specific details like which performers will be on which flights.

The live in-flight entertainment is just another one of the airlines’s creative ploys to make the Virgin Atlantic experience an unforgettable one for their passengers.

Earlier this year the airlines introduced the world’s first in-flight art gallery and even launched an in-flight dating service.  What could be next? Just use your imagination.