by: Sandi Durell


Louis St. Louis – boy does he have stories!  And he’s a Grammy Award-winning musician, singer, composer, arranger, author and conductor. As a “Cabaret Original’ he looks forward to 54 Below where he can return to his early roots when he was conducting on Broadway and moonlighting at Manhattan landmark cabarets. He brings to 54 a high-flying, emotionally driven evening with original songs from shows he has worked on including Grease 1 & 2, Disco People, Wuthering Heights and Sugar Hill, and selections from his two award-winning original musicals playing in China – an R&B Hip Hop version of The Monkey King and The Joker’s Game. His illustrious guest artists will include Loni Ackerman, Ramona Keller, Francine Finley, Frank Pagano, Michael Park, Darryl Jovann Williams and Vivian Reed, and his very special guest, Lana Cantrell.

You can see “Comin’ in Thru the Kitchen” on Sept. 9 and 10, shows at 7 p.m.  www.54Below.com

(646) 476-3551

54 Below – 254 W 54th St, Cellar – New York, NY 10019

Video: Miriam Spritzer

Interview: Sandi Durell